Additional Services

Visa Debit Card

If your application for a Visa Debit Card is approved, you will be able to present the card anywhere in the world Visa is accepted, and your purchases will be automatically deducted from your checking account. This card also doubles as an ATM card when used with the PIN number and is accepted wherever the MoneyPass, Fastbank, Plus or Visa Network sign is displayed. Transactions fees are waived at any MoneyPass machine and you also have the ability to deposit cash or checks through any Fastbank ATM.  Our company branded Visa debit card is a no charge card for you to possess!  Contact us today to get yours!!   If your card is lost or stolen please contact us at 507-648-3871 during business hours or call 800-264-5578 after hours. 

Visa/American Express Credit Cards

The application takes only minutes to complete providing you with an immediate credit determination.  You can access the link from the home page of our website or contact our office for an application.  The available Visa credit cards are Visa Signature; Visa Platinum; College Rewards Visa; Co-Signer Visa and Secured Visa.  The available American Express cards are:  Cash Rewards and Travel Rewards.  All credit cards carry the RRB logo and are accepted anywhere Visa or American Express are accepted. 

Safe Deposit Boxes

We have numerous size boxes available in both branches!  Contact one of our Customer Service Reps for more information!