Red Rock Bank has no affiliation with American Home Protect, LLC in Plano, TX!  It has come to our attention that our customers are receiving letters saying their Warranty Coverage on their home is going to lapse.  Red Rock Bank will NEVER use a third party to communicate with you!  If you ever receive something suspicious via mail or phone, please contact us immediately!!

    THIS IS A SCAM!!  

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    Debit Card Protection

    Our top priority is to keep your account safe and secure!   If you receive a call from 1-800-279-2674 our Fraud Department is trying to reach you.  If you miss a call from EnFact Fraud, please call the following number to verify fraudulent activity:  1-877-253-8964 during non-business hours.  As always, you can contact us at 507-648-3871 during business hours.  

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    Online Banking

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